7 Day All You Can Eat Diet

The 7 Day All You Can Eat Diet is a short diet designed to lose weight quickly and detoxify your body within seven days.

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Food Combining Diet

The Food Combining Diet follows the theory that different food groups are digested best when combined, while other foods should be eaten separately.

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Metabolism Diet

The Metabolism Diet claims to quicken the body’s metabolic rate. By quickening the metabolic rate, energy is burnt faster and hence the body loses weight.

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Herbalife Diet

The Herbalife Diet is a weight-loss program which uses a liquid meal substitute. The Herbalife Diet uses protein drinks to substitute two meals each day, along with multivitamins and herbal tablets.

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Maker's Diet

The Maker’s Diet is a diet that is based on eating natural foods. By eating natural foods, it is claimed that the diet will strengthen the body and can help you lose weight. The Maker’s Diet is fast becoming one of the most popular diets in America.

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Hoodia Diet

The Hoodia Diet is a diet based on a pill made from the African Hoodia Gordonii plant which acts as a natural appetite suppressant.

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Low GI Diet

The Low GI Diet (GI stands for glycemic index) is a diet aimed at reducing weight by reducing sugar consumption. The Low GI Diet was originally conceived for diabetics, but has also been recommended to dieters as well.

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Cellulite Diet

The Cellulite Diet is a diet aimed at reducing cellulite in women.

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Low Cholesterol Diet (Low Fat Diet)

The Low Cholesterol Diet is a diet designed to lower a person’s cholesterol levels. The diet restricts the amount of fat eaten per day and is also known as the Low-Fat Diet.

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