Welcome to DietMad.com!

This website is dedicated to helping people all around the world try to achieve their goal weight and change their eating and mental patterns for life.

I set up this site in the hope that I would be able to reach anyone who had tried and failed and was finding it hard to get motivated again. I am not a nutritionist, psychologist or qualified medical specialist; I am simply one of those people who have tried and failed so many times and then finally got it.

I have read countless books, watch numerous programs and spoken to hundreds of people in the search for 'why it doesn't always work?' and 'what makes people tick?' and have come to a number of conclusions, including the good old fashioned favorite;

"You can't change the outside without changing the inside!"

Personally, I believe that every diet program works and can work for anyone. However the reasons why it doesn't work is something a lot of people seem to spend less time thinking about!

Yes pretty much most half-decent and remotely balanced diets out there DO work, however the reason people often don't lose weight is not always due to not following the plan or not having enough motivation.

Dieting should not be a temporary fix, which is generally what many people consider it to be. It is a lifestyle change! As soon as you understand that a diet will only work while you engage it and not when you stop, the closer you become closer to achieving your goals.

Changing your eating and exercise patterns should not just be about losing 20lbs in 6 weeks, it should also be about improving your health, increasing energy levels and enhancing your quality of life. This change should also be a mental and physical commitment to further preventing your body from becoming fatty and sluggish and reverting back to old and unhealthy habits.

This website attempts to look at Why it hasn't worked for you, What is stopping your from moving forward and How you can overcome obstacles that are getting in the way.

Good luck with your journey and your changes. I wish you all nothing but the strength and determination towards creating a new program that will set you up for life!

 xxx Jen