Diet and Weightloss Supplements

Diet and weightloss supplements are pills and supplements that claim to help people lose weight.

There are many diet and weight loss supplements on the market, divided into two main types: prescription pills and non-prescription pills.

  • Prescription pills are drugs that are designed to help people – mainly morbidly obese people - lose weight. They can only be obtained through a prescription, are closely regulated and require FDA approval.

    Examples of prescription pills include Phentermine. These drugs are usually intended for short-term use and are part of a strict, doctor-supervised weightloss regime.

  • Non-prescription weightloss pills are available over the counter and are subject to minimal FDA approval. These are often called weight-loss or diet supplements.

    Examples of weightloss supplements include Zantrex diet pills. Weightloss supplements can contain herbal ingredients, and some may also contain caffeine. Until recently, weightloss supplements regularly contained ephredra, but after a warning on the drug, caffeine has become more commonly used.

Do Diet and Weightloss Supplements Work?

Diet and weight loss supplements can be effective, but only if accompanied with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Diet and weightloss supplements should not be relied upon as the main method of losing weight, and any weightloss supplement that makes such claims should be avoided.

Most diet and weightloss supplements work through increasing your metabolism while suppressing your appetite. For instance, Zantrex Diet Pills work by using a large amount of caffeine and similar herbs such as guarana, which can induce your metabolism and thus help you lose more weight.

Diet and weightloss supplements might help you lose some weight at first, but clinical tests have shown that these supplements do not work in the long-term. They do not address the reasons for the your weight gain, such as bad eating habits. Any weight lost on diet and weightloss supplements alone can be easily regained.

Lastly, you should seek the advice of your doctor before taking any diet and weightloss supplements. Some of these pills may have side-effects and, if you currently take any medication, may affect their effectiveness.