Dash Diet

Read about the Dash Diet, designed to lower hypertension - otherwise known as high blood pressure.

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Low Sodium Diet

The Low Sodium Diet advocates limiting the amount of salt in your diet. Learn about the many health benefits of this kind of eating and find out how to incorporate these ideas into your diet. Includes a sample low sodium recipe to help get you started!

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Hypoglycemia Diet

Learn all about the Hypoglycemia Diet and its effects. This diet is for those with hypoglycemia (where there is an abnormally low level of sugar in the bloodstream), or who are at risk of developing the condition.

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Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline Diet follows the idea that since our bodies are slightly alkaline, so should our diet. Find out if this could be the diet for you!

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Vegan Diet

Learn about the Vegan Diet - a type of vegetarian diet that restricts all meat and animal-based products.

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Negative Calorie Diet

The Negative Calorie Diet is a new diet based on the idea that some foods require more calories to digest than they contain. By requiring more calories to digest these foods, the body burns more energy and therefore loses weight.

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Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet describes diets from southern Europe, parts of North Africa and the Middle East. Read about the many benefits of making this healthy and delicious lifestyle choice.

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Celebrity and Fad Diets

There are quite a few diets that are labeled as Celebrity and Fad Diets, and their general aim is to lose weight quickly and with as little effort as possible!

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Vegetarian Diets

Vegetarian Diets are diets that restrict meat. Some Vegetarian Diets allow some meat products, while others forbid all types of animal products.

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