No More New Years Resolutions!

We come from a world filled with unfulfilled News Years Eve Resolutions. So why not make a change and try reversing your New Years resolutions?

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Where do you go when you have done everything to lose weight?

If you feel that you have done EVERYTHING possible in the whole wide world to change your body and state, what do you do?

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Here's the secret to succesfully changing your diet...

Many friends and family ask "How did you do it? What are you eating? You’ll have to come over for a cup of tea and tell me everything!". Read on to find out what the secret is!

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The Mental State We Live In!

Accepting that your body is changing is also a mental state, not just physical, is very important. Find out how to harness the full power of this fact to achive your own personal weight loss goal.

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A Little Friendly Competition

If you are interested in putting a little pressure on yourself, up the stakes and partner with a friend to race towards your weight loss goals!

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Motivational Tip

Imagine you started your diet plan two months ago. How much weight would you have lost? How would you feel? How proud would you be of your self?

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Lets Face Up to the Fat!

If you have a friend, sibling, parent or child who would like to change their body, perhaps you can do it together? It is very motivating to have someone to work with and also someone to confide in.

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