Motivational Tip

Motivational tip: Imagine you started this diet plan 2 months ago. How much weight would you have lost? How would you feel? How proud would you be of your self?

Literally what would it be – 10lbs, 20lbs, 30lb! How are you imagining yourself without this burden of extra weight? Are you smiling? If you are then you know what you need to do!

Imagine you started it 6 months ago! (Think about it! You probably DID start a diet six months ago). Would you be looking the way you want to right now?

All the perceived pain and hard work would be over and in the past and you would be able to go shopping and buy clothes in the size you like, rather than what you had gotten used to accepting.

Dealing with hiccups

Now imagine you start this diet and it goes really well for the first 3 weeks and then you go to a dinner party and you eat way to much, so much you feel sick the next day and then miss your daily walk!

Here is where most people think about giving up. The deal is if you get back on the horse and keep riding you still have 3 weeks of great dieting discipline and only one little mishap!

So in 6 weeks time you go out again, perhaps you drink a lot of alcohol and end up sitting next to the peanut bowl at a party. All you have to do is FORGIVE YOURSELF for making a small break in your plan and keep going, NOT start again!

Keep going. Don’t dwell on the one bad meal! Focus on the other 20 good meals you eat each week. You are human after all. Changing your diet is for life so it is not realistic to think you can't go out and have a huge yummy meal every now and then, as long as that is all it is, every now and then.

Not dealing with hiccups

Now imagine if you went really well for the first three weeks and then went to a dinner party, ate way to much, skipped your daily walk the next day, and then skipped it the day after, and then the day after that, and then you started to feel really bad, and you think an ice-cream will cheer you up, and that you will start again the day after...

The cycle has been broken and you literally DO have to start again. Why? Because your patterns have not been changed yet, your mental state is still where it was three weeks beforehand!

Now, imagine being exactly where you are now but in six months time. Would you REGRET not changing your diet? Would you be a little heavier than you are now? Would you still be unhappy with your body?

The chances are you would answer Yes to all of these questions. When you compare how you would look in six months if you didn't change your eating and exercise patterns against how you would look if you did make the change, how does that make you feel?