The Mental State We Live In!

Physical Change is also Mental Change

Accepting that your body is changing is also a mental state, not just physical, is very important. You’ve heard of “out with the old, in with the new” right? Well this is a pretty good example. You won’t just be changing your appearance but also how you feel inside, as well as your relationship with food and exercise

 Many people go on for years carrying weight and holding up a body that they aren't happy with, it doesn't matter if you weight 400lb or 100lbs, if you are not happy with your body then you need to acknowledge that it is only you who is holding up the change from occurring.

Take the responsibility and make the change for your future, for your children, family, parents, but mostly for yourself.

Become a Do-er Rather than a Go-ner

People telling you HOW to lose weight doesn’t MAKE you lose weight! You can buy as many books, magazines, therapy sessions as you want, however the only time you will make a difference is when you actually do it!.

Stop listening and reading, and start acting and doing. This process alone will give you control and the feeling that something has started the wheels rolling.

Once you learn to trust your diet plan and learn that if you follow it, eat what you said you were going to eat, exercise when you said you were going to and show a little restraint in previously destructive circumstances (such as family party’s, going out to dinner, work lunches etc), you will learn to trust that in a week you will be a little lighter or a little slimmer round the waist that last week, and in a month you will be a lot lighter and slimmer than you were last month.

This actually becomes a really exhilarating feeling as once you have changed your patterns you can actually rely on it occurring. If you have created a sensible plan where you are choosing to lose weight at a rate of around 2-3lbs per week (give or take) then you can start to say to yourself “In a month I WILL weigh 10 lbs less than today�? and believe it, because it WILL actually happen!

How do I know I can do it?

This happened to me a while back, I had been slowly changing my body and dieting patterns and I had a wedding to attend in a month. I was thinking "I hope I will look OK" and then I suddenly realized “I will look great because I know I will lose another 5 – 10lbs, and my waist will be slimmer and I already look so much better than I did 3 months ago!”

You need to believe it will work and believe in yourself

It sounds simple, but many people go on diets not expecting them to work and not actually believing they will lose weight. This means from the start your whole mental system is kind of relying on the fact that you will give up or not make it to your goal. Why? Because then it is easier for you to accept the failure when it actually comes.

This a common mental state fallen into at many phases throughout life. People will accept the failure before they know the results. This way they have not raised their expectations and hopes too high, hence will have less distance to fall when they find out they have not achieved their goal.

This attitude and mental state strongly affects how well you perform when trying to get your goal, if you already have failure in your mind it can easily echo in your behavior.