Lets Face Up to the Fat!

If you have a friend, sibling, parent or child who would like to change their body, perhaps you can do it together? It is very motivating to have someone to work with and also someone to confide in.

How many of you have actually told someone close to them how much they weigh? Trust me, telling someone how much you actually weigh (and I mean the real one! Not the sort-of, kinda-close weight but the whole nine yards) is very motivating as it makes you think that now they know I can't pretend anymore. Now I can't pretend that I weigh a different weight (or measure different measurements).

For me this was a real kick in the right direction as for years I had only ever told my partner that I weighed more than him; I managed to leave out the fact that I weighed about 30lbs more than him (12kg)!

Once I committed to telling someone I loved that I was unhappy with my body and wanted to change my weight, shape and fitness levels, it was a lot simpler than I thought!

I suddenly had someone who I could tell every time I lost a couple of pounds or when I reached one of my little milestones. He was genuinely happy for me and it was very liberating knowing that he actually knew the truth, and still really loved me.

You're only fooling yourself!

The irony is that all the years I was unhappy with my body and never told him or anyone else my weight, it now seems silly. It was kind of like pretending that if you didn't say it, then people might actually think you are 30lbs lighter!

You forget that other people have eyes and perception skills and can make a judgment on your weight based on what they see (which was that I looked like I weighed the weight I did!). So in the long run it was only me who was I was fooling!

Face up to your fat! Not only will it give you confidence and a good dose of reality, it will also give you a greater sense of control and an perhaps even greater determination not to ever have to say that you weigh that much again!