No More New Years Resolutions!

One date that is a great one to aim for is New Years Day. We come from a world filled with unfulfilled News Years Eve Resolutions, so why not try reversing your New Years resolutions?

Instead of starting your changes on New Years Day, why not try to achieve them by the next New Years Day? Or any other day for that matter?

As long as you give yourself a time frame and a goal to aim for, you have STARTED and taken your first step to choosing a better life for yourself.

Make a Non-New Years Resolution!

Consider making "Non New Years Eve Resolutions". This allows you to pick any day in the year and say "today is resolution day".

You don’t have to wait for something to happen! Perhaps it comes around because something didn’t happen. Either way it is a great way to say to yourself every day counts and this is what I am going to do with today.

I don’t know about you, but every year around midnight on the 31st of December I would generally have had a little too much to eat and a lot of too much to drink, and would say to myself; "this year I will lose weight and I will start exercising more and I will change this and that..." and the list goes on.

So last year I made a "non New Years Resolution" to not make “New Years Resolutions" anymore. What I meant by that was to make sure that the next New Years Eve I didn't need to say I needed to lose weight or get fit! WHY? Because I HAD lost weight and I WAS already fit!

As soon as I thought about it like that I suddenly realized it was my job to make sure my resolutions (another word for goals!) came true. Once I had done what I set out to do then I would technically be freed of all future unfulfilled New Years Resolutions.