A Little Friendly Competition

If you have someone to work with it can be very motivating. If you are interested in putting a little pressure on yourself and your partner, up the stakes and create a reward for the person who reaches an agreed goal first!

Keep in mind different people have different goals, however if you both start slow and perhaps say the first person to lose 10lbs gets taken out for a drink/meal/movie by the other.

You can set the goals at whatever level you like. Everyone’s motivations are different; for some it is money, others it is a new piece of clothing, others it is a low fat ice-cream, whatever you want! Plus there is always the added benefit that if you both change your body then when you head out on your reward night you will both look fantastic!

Competition is very healthy and can be exactly what you or your buddy need in order to get a kick start in the right direction! Remember to make rules and be understanding when each other needs a little encouragement.

There is no point in making your friend feel bad because you are rapidly reaching your goal and they are not. Always be aware that any situation can easily be reversed! Good luck!