Beverly Hills Diet

The Beverly Hills Diet is a diet that claims you can lose between 10-15lb in 35 days.

Principle of the Beverly Hills diet

The Beverly Hills diet is based on the idea that enzymes necessary for digestion are found in foods themselves. Therefore, you should practice cautious food combining to have the correct amount of enzymes for digestion - certain foods should be combined, while others should not.

According to the Beverly Hills diet, fruits contain all the necessary enzymes for effective digestion. Proteins and carbohydrates, on the other hand, require extra enzymes which slow the process.

The Beverly Hills diet begins with 10 days of a fruit-only diet. On the 11th day, bread and butter are added. Eventually, over the course of the remaining days, protein is gradually introduced.

What are you allowed to eat on the Beverly Hills diet?

  • Fruit
  • Wholemeal grains – on the 11th day of the diet
  • Butter
  • Lean meat – such as poultry, lean meat and seafood.
  • Wine – only at certain periods.

What food is forbidden on the Beverly Hills diet?

Anything not listed in the diet is forbidden.

Pros and cons of the Beverly Hills diet

The Beverly Hills diet can cause rapid weight loss, especially in its early stages. It is easy to start, as it does not feature calorie counting.

There are several problems with the diet. Firstly, the Beverly Hills diet is a low-calorie diet. Weight loss on the Beverly Hills diet is mostly from fluid and muscle loss – essentially it is a starvation-styled diet. Any weight lost on the Beverly Hills diet can be easily regained.

Due to its restrictive nature, the Beverly Hills diet is low on protein and several essential vitamins and minerals. It can also be a very bland diet, due to its lack of variation.

The restrictive nature of the diet can also cause cravings. You can feel tired very easily on the Beverly Hills diet.

The Beverly Hills diet may be based on a faulty premise. There is no scientific proof for the claim that digestive enzymes are found in foods. There is far more substantial proof, however, that enzymes exist within the body.

Finally, the Beverly Hills diet is expensive because of its specific meals. You are required to buy the book, and some of the foods it recommends can be expensive.

Daily and weekly plans for the Beverly Hills diet

The general plan is fruit-only for the first 10 days. On the 11th day, you may add bread and butter. Gradually portions of meat are added.

Expected weight loss on the Beverly Hills diet

The Beverly Hills diet claims you can lose 10-15 pounds after its completion.

Beverly Hills diet rating:

Ease: 2/5 – Expensive and very limited.

Balance: 1/5 – Very unbalanced and highly-restrictive diet.

Maintenance: 1/5 – The Beverly Hills Diet can cause fatigue and cravings.

Overall: 1/5