Commitment to Changing Your Patterns

Writing down your goal weight/size/shape is a fantastic way to commit yourself to changing your eating and exercise program. Not only does this give you something to aim for and work towards, it also concretes the plan as it forces you to “see�? what you are aiming for.

What I mean by this is if you say to yourself “I want to lose 30lbs�? then it is just words, and unless you have really strong willpower then there is a good chance you won’t take a step further. You need to think about HOW you will lose the weight, what do I need to DO to lose weight, and then take ACTIONS to actually lose the weight!

Setting goals

If you were to write down your starting weight, your desired weight after a set period of time, and list a number of actions and changes you intend to make, the chances of achieving your goals are significantly improved.

For example, this is the kind of goal and action plan that could really help you in your diet:

Starting Date: 3rd May 2005

Starting Weight: 196lbs (89kg)

Desired Weight: 154lbs (70kg)

Number of lbs to lose: 42lbs (19kg)

Date to achieve Desired Weight: 1st October 2005 (5 months away)

Reward: $210 shopping spree ($5 for every lb!)

Mini goal dates, weights and rewards:

21st June 2005 – 15lbs (6.5kg) Weight: 181lbs (82kg) 27lbs to go.

Reward: A facial at your local beauty salon

9th August 2005 – 29lb (13kg) Weight: 167lbs (76kg) only 13lbs to go!

Reward: A new pair of sunglasses

Setting realistic goals

It is super important to set realistic goals. If you need to lose 30lbs, don’t expect to do so in a month! Remember the faster it comes off the faster it can come back on, therefore it is best to do it slowly. Plus, it is better for your body to lose the weight slowly and it gives you time to adjust and set your new eating patterns.

A good rate to work with is 2-3lbs a week (around 1kg) this is an easy pace to work at and won’t put to much strain on your body. If you are severely overweight or have any medical problems please see a doctor before changing your diet.

You must also remember to honor your rewards when you reach your goals! If you don’t do so then you could lose motivation. It is a lovely way to praise yourself and reward all your hard work that has paid off.