It Comes Off at the Same Rate it Goes Back On!

The faster you lose the faster you re-gain

Don’t be in a mad panic rush to lose weight! Remember the faster you lose it the less time your body has to adjust to the new eating and exercise pattern and therefore the faster you will put the weight back on again.

There are many fad diets out there that promise 10lbs in a week, 2 cms in 2 days, drop a dress size in an hour, that kind of thing, and to be honest half of them will actually work... for a day or two! What you need to realize is that these “Fad�? diets are not helping you create lifelong patterns that will not only keep the weight off for good, but also prevent the next round from adding on.

Putting things into perspective

If you only learn to eat soup for 4 days straight, what is that teaching you? Nothing? Other than you would never be able to look at boiled celery and cabbage ever again!

If you cut out all the carbohydrates in your diet for two weeks why do you think you will lose weight? Because you cut out an ENTIRE FOOD GROUP! Does that put things into perspective for you?

Of course you will lose weight when you cut out a food group, not to mention the second largest one! Even if you cut out fats, oils and sugars, the smallest food group, you will lose weight, but you will also still have problems, as they are also important in our diet.

Create a balanced diet

It is super important to have balance in your life, without it you will become top heavy and increase the chance of falling down. In other words, if you don’t allow yourself to eat the foods that you like either in moderation or as treats then you will not be balanced!

This is not a ticket to fill up on Carbs and Sugar, but more a recommendation to use food wisely in your diet. Remember what goes in must come out in some way shape or form.

If you want it to come out in the form of a healthy, slim, fit body, then combine regular exercise with whole grain’s and cereals, lots of fruits and veggies, lean protein, low fat dairy and a little bit fats, oils and sugars. If you want to stay overweight, sluggish and unfit then; don’t bother exercising, each all the refined carbohydrates you want, don’t trim the fat off meat and eat your fruit in the form of ‘strawberry ice-cream’!

I have friends who could quite happily live without chocolate in their lives, however if you took away their cheese they could do some serious harm! Everyone has their little vices and they can all fit into our diet quite happily if we learn where and when to use them.

So, just remember if you take your time and teach your body new eating and exercise patterns then your will thank yourself for it later, as you will be laying down the foundation for wholesome and active living, your body will be healthy, strong and slim and your attitude will be unbeatable!

Remember this saying: 

"If you don't put aside time now for a healthy diet and exercise, make sure you put aside a lot of time later on for illness"