Optimum nutrition

Optimum nutrition is an important part of our lives. An imbalanced diet can cause a variety of health problems.

Processed vs Fresh Foods

One of the greatest challenges we currently face is obesity. Much of the food seen today are heavily processed and refined, and contain less nutrients than fresh food. Therefore it is easy to eat to overeat on these foods, as the body needs more food to supply the nutrients it requires for everyday function.

Optimum nutrition refers to healthy eating habits, and using healthy eating habits to combat and prevent diseases. Optimum nutrition starts with eating foods containing more nutrients, such as fresh foods. Fresh vegetables and fruit are important in maintaining optimum nutrition, as they contain all their natural nutrients.

Optimum nutrition also means reducing the intake of saturated and processed foods. Saturated food – such as fried foods – contain unhealthy fats that can cause hardened arteries and hypertension or high blood pressure. Processed foods such as white breads and sweets contain quick-release carbohydrates that cause energy spikes and can leave you feeling hungry and fatigued.

Learn the Right Habits for Optimum Nutrition

In order to maintain optimum nutrition, you should follow diets that promote healthy eating habits. Diets should not avoid food groups. There are no foods you should completely avoid. Optimum nutrition means understanding how to eat in moderation, and to make wise food choices.

Optimum nutrition also means eating the correct amount of calories per day. You should eat enough to maintain a healthy weight. There are several starvation-styled diets where you eat anywhere from 600-1000 calories a day, but that is not enough for proper functioning. Starvation-styled diets are only useful if you have a major weight problem and need a way to start your diet, but once you have reached a healthy weight, starving yourself can be dangerous.

If you eat well, you can live longer and healthier. You can avoid diseases like hypertension and heart disease and hypoglycemia, or abnormally low levels of sugar. Optimum nutrition is an important part of your health.