Just Like The French

Have you ever sat down and eaten a whole block of chocolate, then afterward still wanted more like it was an addiction? However you can’t remember actually eating it! Chances are you weren’t actually noticing the flavors as they were on your tongue and that you were just filling a void that probably had nothing to do with chocolate.

The French are famous for eating patisserie for breakfast, bread sticks for lunch, creamy meals for dinner and chocolate for dessert, yet they are one of the slimmest cultures in the Western world. Their secret is nothing to do with eating 10 cabbages a day or taking medication to keep the weight it off, it is actually far simpler than that.

The key is to eat only little portions at a time, enjoying the flavor, however consuming less calories. For example if you were to eat a Baskin Robbins Chocolate Mouse Royal Ice-cream (1 scoop) it is about 310 calories, however if you eat a piece of Lindt Pure Dark Chocolate it is around 50 calories. I know you must be thinking they are different sizes, and indeed they are, however the Lindt can be just as satisfying for 1/6 of the opportunity cost.

Look at the way you think about food 

Changing the way you use and abuse food can have a big change on your diet and lifestyle. I changed my approach to chocolate and other foods such as cheese, chips and ice-cream.

Using this technique I allowed myself to enjoy foods that I had unsuccessfully avoided over the years and created new relationships allowing me to enjoy smaller amounts more often. It is not a difficult thing to do, you need a little control and a lot of passion to want to change the way you view different foods.

Enjoy all the little things in life! Learn that less can be more! Feel the difference the tiniest changes can make! Take time to create your new body, new patterns, new life as though it is your masterpiece, as it is! Once you do this there is no turning back!