Healthy Mental State = Healthy Physical State

Dieting is not just about eating the right foods and exercising, it is a state of mind. Once you are there you won't want to eat unhealthy food, you will actually want to go for a run, your body starts to feel good and healthier and your clothes are looser. You won't want to go back to the way you were!

Think about the change, plan the change and accept the change - be aware that your body will change! Are you ready for this?

Change is one of the biggest fears around the world. People fear all types of change; What happens if I change jobs? Houses? States? Countries? Partners? Included in this is also what happens if I change my state?

What effect will weight loss actually have on your life?

You might think I am crazy and say "but I want to be thinner and look better and be healthier!". Yes this is all true, but have you thought about the changes this might make in your life?

Chances are you are pretty comfortable in your current routines. Say you actually LIKE staying home and watching TV and chilling out each night with a glass of wine and a delicious meal. Perhaps you ENJOY not being noticed by the opposite sex because you are a little shy. Maybe you are used to being the "fat" one in your family.

Once your start to change your body, everyone else around will notice and comment on your new shape. I am not saying they will be mean, but many people don't realize that the physical changes resulting from a new diet and exercise routine are a physical way of saying I wasn't happy with myself or my body and I want to look and act differently.

Be very aware that your body will actually start to change, fat will disappear or turn into muscle, you will be fitter and more agile, your skin, hair and nails will change (even if you only change your diet a little bit!).

Right now you are probably thinking, “What on earth is she talking about?�?. Well here you go, let's face up to the fat!