Find Your Bad Habits

It can be very eye-opening writing everything down that you eat. As you go through your week you will see where bad habits have formed, and where you might need to make changes.

For example, if you are the kind of person who skips breakfast every morning, has a coffee on the way to work and then might have a burger or quick meal on the road for lunch. By dinner time you might be absolutely exhausted and starving that you skip your gym session in favor of grabbing something instant to eat, and then head home and have dinner, followed by dessert. You might not be aware of how dire your situation is!

Where exactly do you start with all the problems in this scenario?

Running on empty

The reason you are tired all the time is you are running on empty; you have little or no food at the beginning of the day when you need to be refueled the most. Instead you filled your body with a toxic stimulant, then at lunch time because you are super busy or on the road and haven’t planned properly, you have to buy whatever food is the most convenient not necessarily the best for your body.

By the afternoon there are little nutrients in your tummy. If you are not fed properly (and by properly I mean a balanced arrangement of food – not takeout!) then your energy levels will drop which means your chances of volunteering to exercise is slim to none.

Instead of daily exercise which would open your lungs, boost circulation, get your heart rate up and burn fat, you opt for calorie laden snacks to tide you over until you have an over sized portion of dinner, followed by desert, possibly washed down with a sugary drink or, even worse, alcohol!

As dire as this circumstance may sound it is very typical in today’s society. Many people simply do not think about what they are putting into their bodies, or simply don’t realize that every action has an equal reaction!