Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction!

Eating lots of products heavily laden with sugar and fats means your body can not process it and spends a lot of time trying to unsuccessfully convert the excess into useful energy (which in turn takes energy away from you!) and therefore starts to store it as body fat.

Eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits provides your body with nutrients and minerals that are easily converted to energy and keeps you alive and happy all day.

  • If you put healthy, wholesome and good foods into your body, then you will be rewarded.
  • If you put processed and fatty foods into your body then your body will be reprimanded.

Take the time to analyze what goes into your body

A food diary can allow you to easily add up your daily calorie/fat intake (you can choose to do both, either or none). This shows you when you tend to eat the most.

If you find you are always eating lots more calories on the weekend then you need to look at what it is that you are actually eating.

For example, if every day when you are a work during the week you have a salad sandwich for lunch and no snacks, however, on the weekend you cook up a big meal for lunch and then have a couple of snacks throughout the day, the food diary will identify this as a problem area.

You you will notice that your lunches are much larger over the weekend and not as healthy as what you normal eat during the week.

After you have analyzed your eating habits you can then make changes, perhaps by reducing the size of your lunch, cutting out the snacks or changing the big cooked lunch for a sandwich!