Smoking and Weight Loss

If you live on your own, are a student or don’t have enough time to make healthy meals rather than pick up something from a shop or takeaway, then perhaps you need to rethink your time and budget allocation.

Your body is the most important thing that has ever been given to you, do not abuse it!

I have had people tell me that they can’t afford really good cuts of meat or low fat products because they are more expensive than other types, only to then open up their handbag or briefcase and what do I find? Cigarettes!

If you can’t think about your health, think about the money!

Where does your money go? It goes into your lungs along with 1000’s of milligrams of nicotine. People that smoke have no excuse for not having enough money to change their diet. Period!

I don’t care if you are addicted or have problems or can’t quit because you are stressed at the moment. Tomorrow you will be a day older and you will never have the chance to have today again.

Remember this, as if you continue with your habit you will only get older and older, and your health will get worse and worse and the longer you do something the harder it is to change.

A year of free personal training

I don’t care if you put on 3 lbs as a result of quitting, imagine the 3 years of life you have gained as a result!

However, think about it like this; if you are currently spending $5 a day on a packet of cigarettes (give or take) you are spending over $1800 a year in ruining your body and health. That same $1800 could buy you around 1 personal training session per WEEK for a WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR. Which when you think about it, is probably worth putting on 3lbs for!

The same applies for binge drinking.