Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight loss hypnosis is a method of losing weight is through hypnosis. When under hypnosis, a person is in a state of relaxation and heightened suggestibility. Hypnosis is not attempting to brainwash you, but is rather helping you understand some of your unconscious desires and relax some of the barriers that are causing difficulties in your weight loss program.

Weight loss hypnosis can be either done with a hypnotist, or through self-hypnosis.

The purpose of Weight Loss Hypnosis

The goal of weight loss hypnosis is to remove any unconscious or deep-seated reasons behind over-eating. Some people, for instance, use food as a comforter and weight loss hypnosis is said to be beneficial in acknowledging and removing the desire.

There are several weight loss hypnosis programs available for purchase on the Internet. One is available from HypnosisDownloads. The package is $49.50 and is a complete package of weight loss downloads. The program focuses on such areas as emotional and comfort eating, weight loss motivation and reducing sugar cravings.

Another available program is with Wendi Friesen. She offers both live on line support and two program. One contains 8 hypnotherapy sessions on CD and costs $89. The other program contains 8 hypnotherapy sessions plus several other extras for $149. Wendi Friesen promotes her weight loss hypnosis program as a way to discover control over your eating habits.

Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work?

There have been limited studies regarding the effectiveness of weight loss hypnosis. Generally the studies have noted that weekly consultations over a period of at least 8 weeks with a hypnotist, as well as self-hypnosis sessions, can help. However, weight loss hypnosis has to be conducted over a prolonged period.

When combined with a weight management plan, weight loss hypnosis can help you lose a moderate amount of weight. The program should be tailored to suit your needs.

Also, bear in mind that not all weight loss hypnosis programs that are available on line might work for you, as each person is different. If you are to buy a weight loss hypnosis program, you should buy with caution and use a provider who offers a money-back guarantee.