Slim Fast Diet

The Slim Fast Diet is a diet based on replacing meals with shake drinks. The Slim Fast Diet shakes are made from fat-free milk and are fortified with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Principle of the Slim Fast diet

The Slim Fast Diet is based on the idea of creating a convenient, all-in-one dieting solution. The Slim Fast Diet consists of drinking two shakes a day to replace two meals, followed by one regular meal.

The Slim Fast Diet is one of the easiest diets to start, as there are no dietary restrictions and the drinks are pre-made. The drinks are designed to nourish the body and make the stomach feel full.

Each shake is 375ml or 1.5 cups, and the main ingredients are skim milk, fructose and cocoa. The Slim Fast shakes come in a variety of flavors.

What are you allowed to eat?

There is no specified food that you are allowed to eat, but the following is recommended:

  • Lean meat – such as poultry or fish;
  • Vegetables;
  • Fruits;
  • Legumes – such as potatoes.

What is forbidden?

No food is forbidden in the Slim Fast Diet.

Slim Fast Diet Pros and Cons

The first positive of the Slim Fast Diet is quick and convenient. The shakes are pre-mixed and you are only required to prepare one meal a day, in addition to snacks. These snacks can be made from fruits or salads, which are also easy to prepare.

The Slim Fast Diet is also quite flexible as there are no dietary restrictions.

Finally, the Slim Fast Diet is capable of rapid results.

However, the Slim Fast Diet has several drawbacks. Firstly, the daily caloric intake is set quite low, with the average daily intake being about 1000-1200 calories per day. While this can cause rapid weight loss, much of this weight loss is from muscle as well as body fat. This means that any weight lost while on the diet can be easily regained.

The Slim Fast Diet is low on protein, which further encourages muscle loss.

Due to its low caloric intake, the diet can also make a dieter constantly hungry. It can be difficult to maintain the diet and often it is easy for people to eat too much.

Finally, the Slim Fast Diet shakes contain a high level of sugar, which can alter a person’s sugar levels and cause moodiness and fatigue.

Daily and Weekly Plans on the Slim Fast diet

The daily Slim Fast Diet plan is to substitute breakfast and lunch with a Slim Fast shake each, and then make your own 600-calorie dinner. During the day, you are also allowed 200 calories of snacks.

Expected Weight Loss on the Slim Fast diet

A dieter can lose between 10lbs – 20lbs of weight on the Slim Fast Diet.

Slim Fast Diet Rating

Ease: 5/5 – A very easy to prepare diet.

Balance: 1/5 – The diet appears to be quite deficient, especially regarding the daily caloric intake and the lack of protein.

Maintenance: 1/5 – The diet can be quite difficult as it can leave a person constantly hungry and fatigued.

Overall: 1/5

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