Liquid Diets

Liquid Diets is a term to describe diets based mainly on pre-made, liquid meal replacement packets.

Principle of the Liquid Diet

Liquid Diets are designed primarily for weight loss. By using meal replacements, Liquid Diets removes the need for calorie counting, diet pills and strict food restrictions. Most Liquid Diets are used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet, in which a person eats 800-1000 calories per day.

Most Liquid Diets are protein-based, and hence the body can directly start to burn already-digested fat.

The most popular Liquid Diets are the Medifast, Slimfast and Scan Diets.

What are you allowed to eat on the Liquid Diet

The following are recommended:

  • Lean meat – such as poultry or fish
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Legumes – such as potatoes

What is forbidden on the Liquid Diet

No food is forbidden on Liquid Diets.

Liquid Diet Pros and Cons

Liquid Diets are amongst the easiest diets to begin. Liquid Diets usually consist of two meals replaced by liquid meals, and one normal meal. Snacks usually consist of fresh fruit or vegetables, which are also easy to prepare.

Liquid Diets are also capable of rapid results. They are especially beneficial for those who are obese and whose weight is a medical concern. Liquid Diets should be taken under the supervision of a doctor.

Liquid Diets, however, also have their risks. While Liquid Diets are beneficial for obese people who need to lose a large amount of weight, they can be dangerous for people who are mildly obese, or mildly overweight. Liquid Diets are low-calorie diets and therefore, for those who are not obese, weight loss can be due to muscle and fluid loss.

For those who are taking Liquid Diets without doctor supervision and who are not obese, Liquid Diets can cause cramps, anemia, dizziness and constipation. In some severe cases, liquid diets can cause gallstones due to the inability to contract bile.

Liquid Diets should only be a short-term diet, and should be accompanied with behavior-modification courses to prevent the causes of over-eating. Otherwise, it is easy to regain any weight lost using Liquid Diets.

Daily and Weekly Plans

Plans may differ according to the Liquid Diet, but usually consist of substituting most meals with meal replacement packages, and preparing one normal meal per day.

Expected Weight Loss

Depending on the Liquid Diet, you can expect to lose between 2lbs - 20lbs.

Liquid Diet Rating

Ease: 5/5 – Liquid Diets are very simple.

Balance: 2/5 – Not balanced and should only be used in the short term.

Maintenance: 2/5 – Can be difficult to maintain due to calorie restrictions.

Overall: 2/5