High Protein Diet

The term 'High Protein Diet' refers to diets which feature high consumption of protein.

Principles of the high protein diet

High Protein Diets work on the principle that carbohydrates cause weight gain, and especially refined carbohydrates such as those found in white flour. High Protein Diets also believe that the risk of saturated fats for people is over-rated, and that only trans-fats (found in processed foods) are harmful.

High Protein Diets follows the principle of restricting carbohydrates. The restriction of carbohydrates induces the body's metabolism to burn fat and hence causes weight reduction. According to High Protein Diets, too many carbohydrates causes imbalances such as the over-production of insulin.

Some well-known High Protein Diets are the Atkins Diet, the Zone Diet and the Scarsdale Diet.

What are you allowed to eat on the High Protein Diet?

  • Meat – all forms of meat
  • Mono-unsaturated fats – such as olive oil, almonds and avocados
  • A limited amount of carbohydrates – usually up to 90g of unrefined carbohydrates made up of vegetables, fruit and whole grains

What is forbidden on the High Protein Diet?

  • Refined sugar
  • Refined flours
  • Saturated fats – such as junk food and fast food
  • Trans fats – such as margarine

High Protein Diet Pros and Cons

High Protein Diets are capable of fast results. Weight loss is noticeable within the first few weeks, and High Protein Diets can suppress your appetite, hence further encouraging weight loss.

However, there are risks involved with High Protein Diets. The weight loss from High Protein Diets is usually fluid, and the weight is easily regained when the diet is stopped.

High Protein Diets can damage the liver and kidney if taken for a prolonged period. The liver metabolizes protein while the kidney excretes protein, and High Protein Diets can overwork the organs and cause organ failure. High Protein Diets can also cause kidney stones.

High Protein Diets can limit essential vitamins and minerals due to its restrictions.

Due to their restrictiveness, High Protein Diets can be difficult to maintain. High Protein Diets can also be difficult to maintain due to complicated plans. For instance, Atkins Diet is broken into four stages, while the Zone Diet requires a special recipe cookbook and ratio juggling.

Expected Weight Loss on the High Protein Diet

You can lose up to 12lb in the first couple of weeks on a High Protein Diet.

High Protein Diet Rating

Ease: 2/5 – Can be complicated to start.

Balance: 2/5 – Missing nutrients and vitamins.

Maintenance: 2/5 – Can be difficult to maintain due to restrictions.

Overall: 2/5